Day: September 14, 2009

Why We Deserve Better Than Alan Green

The BBC’s veteran radio commentator Alan Green has been at it again, this time insisting on Graham Taylor’s removal as co-commentator for the recent England vs Croatia match. Mark Murphy wonders aloud whether it is time to put Green out to pasture. BBC Radio Five Live’s Alan Green has been at it again, having a spat with a fellow co-commentator and demanding his removal. While the BBC has been at it again, acceding to Green’s every wish. Why? This piece is unlikely to win any awards for originality. Articles about Alan Green’s favourite football commentator appear tend to turn up with the regularity of London buses. His supporters praise his ‘special’ talents, one of which is his ability to start an argument in an otherwise empty room, another of which is is to have more words written about him than he says himself, some achievement for a man who makes a living talking for chunks of twenty two & a half minutes plus stoppage time in one go, but amongst all the verbiage he inspires, only rarely does the telling phrase appear: “Alan Green is not a very good radio football commentator” . His latest spat came during the otherwise non-event of a Slovenia friendly. He said something along the lines of participants in the Mexican wave “should be shot” – a bit extreme and, for a national radio...

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Emmanuel’s Mixed Day At The Office

Arsenal’s trip to Manchester City on Saturday was always likely to be a potential tinderbox. City are the arrivistes, the newly-minted money and Arsenal are the team whose Champions League place they are most likely to take. All of this if without taking Emmanuel Adebayor into account. Adebayor’s louche presence in the team was, to many Arsenal supporters, a key indicator of their difficulties in front of goal last season. Often coming across as all style and no substance, his departure to The City of Manchester Stadium was greeted with indifference by some Arsenal supporters, whilst others had taken against him for his lack or urgency last season. Either way, there didn’t seem to be many that mourned his departure. This didn’t, of course, prevent a section of their support venting their fury at him on Saturday. Prior to the match Adebayor was hanging about in the Arsenal half of the pitch during the warm up (which was described by former Arsenal defender Lee Dixon on “Match Of The Day 2” last night “disrespectful”, although he failed to expand upon how this was, exactly), and it was clear that he was “up” for this match – and not in a particularly healthy way – from more or less the first kick of the ball. Within ten minutes, he should have been booked for a tackle on Cesc Fabregas. In...

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