Day: August 20, 2009

Shit Shot Mungo s02e04

Last week’s Shit Shot Mungo saw Glen Roeder surprisingly installed as the manager of Heart of Clackmannanshire on the eve of the start of the new season. This week’s episode sees Roeder’s new club – as ever – struggling to score, which results in drastic action being taken by the club’s chairman, magnet magnate Sir Roddy Bulbs. Drawn, as ever, by Ted “The Neck” Carter, a bigger version is, for those that want one, available...

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Corruption Allegations Make The Maltese Cross

Football in Malta has started to make a real impression in European competitions over the last couple of years but, as Paul Grech reports, the new season starts under a cloud amid controversy over match-fixing allegations involving two of the clubs in the Maltese Premier League. Days before the Maltese football season is due to start and still the future of Marsaxlokk FC and Vittoriosa Stars, the two clubs at the centre of corruption charges, is unknown after hearings were repeatedly postponed. For years, rumours of corruption have undermined the credibility of local football but when these were brought up the official reply always was that unless someone stepped forward with proof nothing could be done. Over the last year, however, attitudes have finally started to change. It started last August when Albanian coach Ilir Pelinku and former referee Joe Attard where charged with trying to fix the Champions League qualifier between Marsaxlokk and Slaven Belupo. The local side were cleared of any wrongdoing but soon they were in the news once again when, after a crucial game against Msida St. Joseph that saw them gaining access to the Championship Pool and condemning Msida to the relegation pool, the Msida goalkeeper revealed that he had been approached to throw the game. Marsaxlokk assistant-coach Peter Hartshorne and former player Claude Mattocks admitted the charges in court but both received only...

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Match Of The Midweek 2: Burnley 1-0 Manchester United

Thirty-three years is a long time and in that time more than one generation of Burnley supporters has grown up on fading memories that have gone from glorious technicolor, through black & white and into sepia as time has come to pass. This evening, though, the top flight – so unrecognisable from the last time they were there – came back to Turf Moor. Burnley’s supporters, so long in the shadow of their neighbours from Blackburn and Bolton, as well as Manchester and Liverpool, had good cause for concern ahead of tonight’s match. They were outplayed at Stoke City on Saturday, and their opponents this evening were the team that most assumed would be the European champions until they ran into a red and blue striped wall in Rome last May. For all of the talk of inevitability, however, football has a habit of finding a way to confound and amaze, but Manchester United started brightly enough and Evra crossed from the right-hand side only for Michael Owen to slide in but make fail to make contact with the ball. Burnley, however, started to push forward and the stuttering that United had displayed in squeezing past Birmingham City at Old Trafford on Saturday started to show itself again. Michael Paterson was put through but was well blocked by Ben Foster. Burnley tails, however, were up and they took the...

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