Day: August 6, 2009

Shit Shot Mungo S02E02

Well, the start of the new season is, of course, all very exciting, and nowhere is it more exciting than in Scotland, where Heart of Clackmannannshire are preparing for a new season in which they are, explicably, still playing in the Scottish Premier League. As some of you will recall, the players turned up for their first pre-season friendly last week in varying states of morbid obesity, so their chairman, the magnets magnate Sir Roddy Bulbs, has brought in a little help to get them in shape for the big kick-off. It just so happens that this “extra help”...

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Minus Twenty-Five For Chester?

Never let it be said that the FA and Football Conference never help out member clubs. If a story in this morning’s Liverpool Daily Post is to be believed, the beleagured Blue Square Premier club Chester City seem set to start this season, albeit with a twenty-five point deduction. Such a punative deduction will almost certainly mean that the 2009/10 season is another season of struggle for Chester, and likely relegation to the Blue Square North. What would happen to the club next would be anybody’s guess. For now, though, the Conference has spared itself it’s biggest nightmare – all twenty-four member clubs will at least start the new season. The alternative for the FA and the Football Conference would have been a refusal to allow Chester to start the new season, which would have almost certainly led to the closure of the club. This follows the initial refusal of the FA to allow the club a license to play this season (which led to the cancellation of all of their pre-season friendly matches) and a challenge to the club’s CVA by Her Majesty’s Revenues and Customs, which was upheld in court a couple of weeks ago. This situation remains unresolved – Chester City Football Club remains legally insolvent. The news is being met with a mixture of relief and anger by the club’s put-upon supporters. On the one...

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