Day: July 22, 2009

Patronising The Lower Divisions

Whatever one might think about the current goings-on at Meadow Lane, it’s difficult to not feel come degree of sympathy for their supporters over the media reactions to their appointment of Sven Goran Eriksson and Tord Grip. Heaven forfend that some elements of the British media would find the time to go out and actually learn anything about Notts County Football Club, the oldest of all of the Football League clubs and founder members of the oldest football league in the world – it was far easier and more convenient to run a number of patronising articles that read as something like print equivalent of the “Accrington Stanley? Who are they?” adverts of the 1980s. The Sun, as one might expect, excelled themselves. Outside of the sports pages, their news team managed to persuade themselves that Eriksson was primarily heading for Nottingham to take advantage of the apparent “fact” that there are six women for every man in the city and detailing what the girls are like in some of the other towns for teams in League Two. Never mind that this particular nugget of information was passed to them by a dating website. It was good enough for a whole page in – sigh – Britain’s biggest selling newspaper. The sports section was no better. They also confirmed that the money men behind County are the Al Thani...

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Beckham & Galaxy – The Point Of No Return?

The match between LA Galaxy and Milan was always, in view of the recent goings-on between David Beckham and the Italian giants, going to be something of a powder keg, and the global media reaction to the events at the decidedly unromantically named Home Depot Center has said a lot about how Beckham has managed to control the public perception of him. When he signed for Galaxy, there was no question that it was all about the money. With Simon Fuller and Victoria Beckham lurking in the shadows, Beckham and his entourage had such control at the club that it was they rather than general manager Alexi Lalas that were behind the unsuccessful appointment of Ruud Gullit last year, but it was Beckham’s decision to go to Milan on loan that really put the fans’ backs up. Since his return to LA earlier this year, it had been debatable whether he would pull on a Galaxy shirt again, and often gave the impression that he was playing out time, waiting for a better offer to come along. Beckham’s justification for his behaviour has been merely that he needs to play domestically at a higher level in order to secure a place in the England squad, but this has broadly not washed with fans. Indeed, his justifications might have carried more weight if he had actually consistently performed for Galaxy,...

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