Day: June 15, 2009

The Confederations Cup: Italy 3-1 USA

It starts off as a low whining sound. You turn the sound down on the television wondering whether the washing machine is playing up or whether the cat is ill, but the sound goes away as you mute it. Are the speakers playing up?...

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Tony Kempster

We had been warned that his illness was terminal, but this didn’t make his passing much less of a shock. The death of football statistician Tony Kempster, reported this morning, brings to a close the story of a man that...

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The Confederations Cup: Brazil 4-3 Egypt

There is a reason why matches like this one are rare.  More, perhaps, is the pity.  But it is not just bull-headed, brass-necked conservative imperialism which sees 50 percent of the ten South American teams qualifying for the...

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