Day: June 9, 2009

Twohundredpercent On Twitter (For Now)

So, two years after the rest of the planet and with the continuing lingering suspicion that I don’t really understand how it works, Twohundredpercent is now on Twitter. Yes, I know, I know. I’m sure it will come in useful for something. In the spirit of the application, I will be firing out pithy one-liners (as well, of course, as completely unpithy (?) ones) as and when the mood takes me, along with site information and updates. Estimated time until I start forgetting to update it: two weeks. Feel free to join me on it, should you be so inclined. There’s a button to click on the right-hand side of the page or you can just click...

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Setanta’s Demise

So much for the competition laws on broadcasting, then. When the European Union introduced new laws which were meant to prevent one broadcaster taking a monopoly of sports broadcasting, it seemed as if the viewer could only benefit. Sky’s monopoly on Premier League football was, we were told, finally broken as a new deal was struck with two-thirds of matches going to them and one-third to Setanta Sports. However, Setanta¬† appear to have taken on too much too soon, and this week they are on the verge of having to enter into administration, which could have very serious ramifications for English football clubs. The Premier League offers six packages up for sale to the highest bidder, and the deal that is just ending saw four of the six deals taken up by Sky Sports and two by Setanta. Earlier this year, however, the contracts were renegotiated, and Setanta picked up just one of the six packages on offer, halving their Premier League coverage from the start of the season after next. This had two effects on the company. Firstly, the negative publicity that they received from it seriously affected the number of new subscribers to the company, and secondly it made the company’s backers more twitchy about pouring more money into a company which has not turned a profit since it won Premier League rights for the first time...

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