Day: May 29, 2009

Happy Birthday To Us!

Just a quick message this morning to say thank you to everybody that reads this site, because we are three years old today. Surprisingly, the traffic to this site has doubled since the new year alone and hopefully we will be able to continue to bring you the stories that don’t seem to be covered elsewhere amongst all the other tat and nonsense. There will be some sort of big redesign when it’s quiet during the summer, and don’t forget that should you fancy writing something for us or have any other suggestions, you can always email us. The link is at the top of the...

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Nathan Dyer: Southampton & The Politics Of The Fire Sale

A couple of months ago, Southampton Leisure Holdings, the holding company which owns Southampton Football Club went into administration. There was a brief and ineffectual protest from Southampton FC based upon the argument that this particular holding company wasn’t the same as the football club, and that they shouldn’t, therefore, face any sanctions from the Football League. The League, to their credit, decided that they would be the ones to make this decision and, after an independent audit, they confirmed that the two organisations were “inextricably linked”. Their relegation from the Championship was managed of their own accord, meaning that they will start next season ten points behind everyone else in League One. Any last vestiges of their being no link between the two organisations was confirmed today, when the company’s administrator confirmed that neither the players nor the staff had been paid for the month of May. With the administrators already having confirmed – morally correctly, at least – that no season tickets are to be sold until a resolution to their period in administration has been agreed, it’s starting to look difficult to see how Southampton FC will even be able to start next season unless new buyers for the club can be found. There will be a further meeting on the 5th of June, but we can expect to see redundancies and players leaving the club...

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