Day: April 23, 2009

Shit Shot Mungo: Episode 12

I received a curious email this morning with this week’s “Shit Shot Mungo” attached. “This is the best one ever”, it said cryptically, “so if anyone complains I’m going to make them pay”. Jolly good it is as well. This week, Ted “The Neck” Carter takes us on a journey back in time so that we can see for ourselves how Mungo McCrackas came to sign for Heart of Clackmanannshire in the first place, featuring yet more gratuitous mentions of rabies, two men in bed together and playing ludo on the moon. Should you choose to, you can “go...

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Tony Kempster

From the blog section of the Tony Kempster website: “Saw my consultant yesterday who told me that my liver tumour is growing and causing my liver to deteriorate quite quickly and that it is unlikely that I will survive into 2010. In fact, it will probably be sooner than that. As a result, I have decided to freeze my site at at the end of this season and there will be no more updates after that. The site will still be there as a reference point but it will be frozen. There’s not really much that can be added to this, other than to say that all of our thoughts tonight are with Tony and his family, and that we wish him all the best. His site is a bible to anyone that regularly watches non-league football, and his contribution to the non-league game cannot be understated. Without his tireless work we would all have been immensely poorer, and I would like to take a moment to thank him for for...

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