Day: March 19, 2009

Shit Shot Mungo: Episode 7

This week’s episode of “Shit Shot Mungo” is a very special one (as if they aren’t all very special), because it features the debut of Japan’s finest football export since Arsene Wenger, The Goalinator – a football-playing robot that is programmed to score loads and loads of goals. We’ll find out soon enough whether The Goalinator has any other talents of note. With the desperation to stay in the Premier League reaching a bizarre fever pitch this year, by the way, don’t rule out something similar happening in the real world. Phil Brown is already said to be looking...

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Weymouth & Walter Mitty

Some of you will be familiar with a short story called “The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty”. Written by James Thurber shortly before the start of World War II, it is the story of a downtrodden, middle-aged man who escapes from the drudgery of his life by escaping into the fantasy world of his imagination. The story was catapulted into being one of the most famous short stories ever written when it was made into a film starring Danny Kaye, and Mitty’s name has become synonymous with fantasists and, somewhat disingenuously, since Mitty’s adventures were always confined to the boundaries of his imagination, with serial liars. Football has had its share too – Michael Knighton famously ran onto the pitch at Old Trafford in the belief that he had bought Manchester United for £10m, whilst Spencer Trethewy managed to get himself onto “Wogan” while running Aldershot into the ground with promises of money that he didn’t have. In the case of Stephen Beer, however, it seems as if the nickname is wholly appropriate. He wandered into the limelight when he appeared from out of nowhere with an audacious attempt to buy into Weymouth Football Club last week. There was one small problem with his interest, though. He didn’t have anything like the backing to see it through. The case of Weymouth is something that we have covered on here...

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