Day: February 19, 2009

Shit Shot Mungo: Episode 3

As some of you will already be aware, Thursday night is now Mungo night here on Twohundredpercent. Hmm. I may have to copyright that opening sentence. Tonight’s episode – the third in a frankly endless series – features a fight between two mascots which ends in a golden opportunity for Mungo McCrackas. Can he finally break his duck for Heart of Clackmannanshire? After all, he did kill a duck last week. As ever, this has been beautifully illustrated by the exceptional Dotmund. Click here for...

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Match Of The (Mid)Week – Luton 1-1 Brighton & Hove Albion

When one thinks of pitch invasions at Kenilworth Road, one might be inclined to think of the infamous mass fight between Luton and Millwall supporters at an FA Cup match in 1985. Last night, there was a pitch invasion at Kenilworth Road but there was no violence involved this time, merely an explosion of anger, defiance and celebration at one of the more unlikely cup final appearances in the recent history of English football. Last night, in what will almost certainly be their last season (for now) in the Football League, Luton Town booked a Wembley appearance in the Football League Trophy with a penalty shoot-out win against Brighton & Hove Albion. Luton’s plight has been covered on here before. In a measure so punative that it borders on being sadistic, the club was docked thirty points at the start of this season. It was a hammer blow to the club and, moreover, it wasn’t even the fault of the people currently in charge at Kenilworth Road. Over the last two seasons, they suffered at the hands of a boardroom who were either amazingly incompetent or deliberately negligent (their can be no other reason for their behaviour). At the start of this season, they had a completely threadbare squad and an uphill battle to retain their league status which has proved to be insurmountable. Even now, they sit at...

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