Day: January 21, 2009

The Insufferable Arrogance Of Garry Cook

“We had entered into a confidentiality agreement weeks ago but, in my personal opinion, they bottled it”, said Garry Cook to BBC Radio upon his Kaka-less return from Milan. It didn’t end there. Having uttered his petulant sideswipe in the direction of Silvio Berlusconi and AC Milan, he was also less than complimentary about Kaka’s advisors, seeming to not quite be able to come to terms with the fact that, ultimately the Brazilian didn’t want to join the Manchester City “project”. He seemed to think that they were incapable of understanding the scale of what he had to offer. The fact that a footballer might, ultimately, make a decision over who he plays for on the basis of footballing reasons doesn’t even seem to have entered his head. Ultimately, it made for a rather pathetic spectacle. A multi-millionaire (even if it’s not his own money) spurned. It’s coming to something, however, when someone comes along that manages to cede the moral highground in a tug of love contest to Silvio Berlusconi, of all people. Cook, of course, has form for this sort of self-aggrandising nonsense. Many of you will remember his calls for the Premier League to be reduced to ten clubs with no promotion or relegation, even though a place in the top ten of the Premier League (or First Division) is something that City have managed just...

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Leyton Orient: The Harlow Connection

If there is one thing that we can all be reasonably certain about over the next year or two, it’s that a lot of things are going to blamed on the “credit crunch”. More specifically, a lot of things that are nothing to do with the “credit crunch” are going to be blamed on the “credit crunch”. If an employer with no significant financial problems fancies withdrawing a few staff perks or laying off the odd hundred people or so: “credit crunch”. Don’t fancy paying your bills, even though you’re working and nothing relating to your financial position has changed? “Credit crunch”. All of this brings us, strangely, to Leyton Orient Football Club. This time last year, Orient had a decent chance of making the League One play-off places before fading to finish in mid-table. The sense of torpor at Brisbane Road has continued this season, with the club currently fourth from bottom in the table and staring relegation in the face. Crowds are down, and Orient are struggling to attract people from their local area, with much of their support now coming from Essex. Brisbane Road has, over the last few seasons, turned from being one of the most attractive football grounds in London to visit into an ugly mess, with apartment blocks occupying all four corners of the ground. Against this background, it is hardly surprising that...

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