Day: July 22, 2008

Too Many Captions, Too Little Time

Taken from the inside of the toilets of the Premier League’s headquarters, this photograph is so rich with possibility that I couldn’t not post it up here. I always told you that Richard Scudamore is full of...

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Seeing The Wood For The Trees

If you live in the south of England, one of the biggest myths that you grow up with is the one that says that, “All Manchester United supporters are football tourists from Devon, Surrey, Ireland, Norway and South Korea. All football supporters in Manchester support City”. This is frequently cast around by City supporters and, of course, it’s not remotely true. Modern Manchester is a vast, sprawling city, and United are one of its great institutions. Manchester United supporters come from all walks of life, and in the 1970s, United’s travelling hooligans were amongst the most feared in the country. The factionalism of United’s support has never completely gone away, and one of the biggest challenges that has faced the breakaway club, FC United of Manchester, has been trying to steer clear of the worst behaved of those groups. Considering the size of their support (and, more significantly, the size of their away support), they have been, broadly speaking, successful. Most FCUM matches are accompanied with a large, loud and quite often drunk away support but, all things considered, they pass off peacefully. This is in spite of occasional attempts by local knuckle-draggers to goad them into a fight, most notably when some Stoke City supporters turned up at a match between them and Staffordshire club Newcastle Town a couple of years ago and a similar event at the...

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