Day: July 8, 2008

What Not To Wear – The Premier League 08/09 (Part Two)

Last night, we had a look at what ten of next season’s Premier League teams will be wearing next season. Now, it’s time to have a look at the other ten – well, nine of them at least, because West Ham United have taken the somewhat peculiar decision to leave their supporters hanging for as long as possible before releasing details of what their new kit will be. We know that it will be made by Umbro, and it’s probably fair to say that it will be claret and blue, but other than that, nothing. Still, they have already released details of what their new change strip will look like, so that will have to do us for now. Anyway, here’s the other ten Premier League clubs, starting with a club that some of you might be surprised to learn will be wearing the same as they wore last season. Manchester United: The reigning champions will be turning out next season in the same kit that they wore last season, which means a pretty plain red shirt, with those inexplicable two white stripes down the back of them. Visitors to the Manchester United Megastore shouldn’t panic over not having anything new to buy, though. United will be wearing a brand new white and blue change shirt. What a relief. Middlesbrough: Over the last few years or so, Middlesbrough have...

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What Not To Wear – The Premier League 08/09 (Part One)

Is it that time again? It seems to come around so quickly. The new season kicks off again in a shade over a month’s time, so it’s time to kick off our previews of the new season’s kits (we’ll be doing all four divisions and possibly the Conference too) before the start of the season with the nightmare of cheap polyester and static electricity that is the Premier League. Considering the importance that so many clubs put on marketing these days, it is somewhat surprising that they seem so coy about letting us know what they look like. I know that the temptation is there to keep their supporters on the edge of their seats until the last possible moment, but we are now about four weeks away from the big kick off, and it is still impossible to see the new West Ham United kit, whilst several of the others seem to be only available in the form of grainy snapshots taken by the disgruntled staff of sportswear companies with the cameras on their mobile phones. This contrasts with the majority, who still gleefully turn out in “next” season’s kit on the last day of the season before. Some sort of uniformity (if you’ll excuse the pun) might be in order. Anyway, here’s the first part of what they’ll be wearing in the Premier League next season –...

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