Day: July 2, 2008

Carthusians, The Marines & The Corinthian Spirit

Last week saw the draws made for the very first round of next season’s FA Trophy. The FA Trophy has regained some of the sheen that it lost at the turn of this century when the old Wembley stadium was demolished and the venue for the final was moved to Villa Park, but it will probably never attain the place in the public’s imagination that was held by the FA Amateur Cup. The Amateur Cup, in its heyday during the 1950s, regularly filled Wembley to its 100,000 capacity for the final, but when the FA ended the distinction between professional and amateur clubs in 1974, the competition came to an end and the majority of its clubs had to settle for a place in FA Vase instead. It’s important to clarify why the FA felt the need to have an Amateur Cup final in the first place, because its very existence says a lot about the development of the game during the nineteenth century. Football as we understand it came from a curious mixture of the louche amateurism of the public schools of the south of England and the keen professionalism of the north of England and Scotland. In the 1880s, before the professional Football League had even started, clubs had started to pay players in strict contradiction to the rules of the game at the time. The first...

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Oh, Hello

Looks like you found it, then! I’ve been a little unwell today, so have been unable to reply to any of the emails that I’ve received, but rest assured that I will do as soon as possible. Apologies for it loading a little slower than the old site did, but there’s not an enormous amount that I can do about that for the time being. Anyway, feel free to have a nose around, and if you have any questions or comments, leave them on the message board or email me, and we’ll be back later with something a little more substantial to get things...

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