Day: March 19, 2008

Windy Millers

As the football season wends its way towards its conclusion, it’s easy to forget the harsh realities that many clubs have to operate under in order to put a team out each Saturday. That harsh reality has, however, reared its ugly head again, with Rotherham United becoming the third Football League club to be placed into administration this season after Luton Town and Bournemouth, and the danger is that, for Rotherham, the current financial crisis might just prove to be a step too far. This is, after all, a club that was placed into administration for the first time just two years ago, which no longer owns its own ground and which, according to sources, if no buyer or backer is found within the next couple of weeks or so, the club could face liquidation. Ken Booth, the scrap metal dealer whose yard borders Millmoor, was the traditional football club owner – the local dignitary with a bit of an ego and a sense of civic pride. He kept the club ticking over until the ITV Digital collapse, when Rotherham suddenly saw their projected television income collapse from an estimated £2.5m to just over £200,000. Sinking fast under an expensively assembled squad that was falling off the bottom of the Championship, Booth offloaded the club to the Supporters Trust for £1, with ownership of the ground transferring to him...

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Easter Shopping Options

On the 30th March, Grimsby Town take on Milton Keynes Dons in the final of the Johnstones Paint Trophy at Wembley Stadium. Now, if you’ve been reading this site for any period of time, you’ll know my opinion on Milton Keynes and, indeed, the freaks that have started following them, and I’m not going to restate it yet again (my official policy at present is something like, “if we all ignore them, they might just go away”). However, the outstanding independent Grimsby supporters site Cod Almighty seem to have stated the viewpoint of the average English football supporter with this rather natty T-shirt. Says it all really – with £1 from each sale going to the Grimsby Town Supporters Trust and £1 from each sale going to the Dons Trust (that’s Wimbledon, not Milton Keynes), I suggest buying...

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Match Of The Seventies – 1974/75

All is quiet in the football world (apart, that is, from the financial crisis engulfing Rotherham United – more of which at a later date – and Celtic getting beaten at home by Aberdeen in the Scottish Cup), so it’s time for another episode of Match Of The Seventies. This one is from the 1974/75 season, so it features a very angry Brian Clough, West Ham United and Fulham supporters turning the FA Cup final into a celebration of hating Chelsea, Manchester United in the Second Division (tee hee!) and Kevin Keegan & Billy Bremner getting naked at Wembley. Well,...

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