Day: March 15, 2008

You Too Could Own A Piece Of Edgeley Park!

If you’re looking for a decent synopsis of how the average English football supporter can be made to suffer in a wide variety of different ways, you’d have to search pretty hard to find a better example that Stockport County. There are clubs that have been treated worse, and that have had sets of circumstances thrust upon them that have been more severe, but for sheer breadth of humiliations and crises, Stockport take some beating. They were voted into the Football League in 1900, but out again 1904 for a season. In 1911, they were banned from playing at home for two weeks after their supporters took umbrage at a series of refereeing decisions during a match against Blackpool and started throwing stones at him. Most famously of all, they recorded a record low Football League attendance when they reported a crowd of just 13 for a match against Leicester City in 1921, although the truth of the matter wasn’t quite as simple as that. Having been banned by the FA from playing matches at Edgeley Park again after crowd disturbances, they opted to use Old Trafford while banned. The Leicester match was played late on a Saturday afternoon, immediately after a match between Manchester United and Derby County. It is not generally accepted that the actual crowd for the match was about 2,000, but that most of the...

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The Match Of The Weekend?

A quick look down the fixture lists for the Premier League and Football League for tomorrow seem to indicate that this might just the worst weekend of the season, football-wise. Now, Middlesbrough, Derby County, Reading and Sunderland might just manage to squeeze a point out of Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea, but I wouldn’t be betting too much money on it, and there is precious little going on elsewhere, either – of the entire Football League programme, the only match that sticks out is the West Country derby match between Bristol City and Plymouth Argyle, and even that’s not a proper derby match (City’s rivals are, of course, Rovers, whilst Plymouth have that weird three-way thing going on with Exeter and Torquay). It’s getting towards that time of the season when matches that are potential championship deciders start to crop up, though, and there is one being played this weekend, in the Ryman League Premier Division, where a crowd of around 3,000 (and when considering that crowd, let’s not forget that the Ryman League is the seventh division of English football) is expected at Melbourne Park for the match between Chelmsford City and AFC Wimbledon. It’s a match that could practically sew up a place in the Conference South for Chelmsford, whilst a Wimbledon win might just set up an almighty scrap for the top spot over the...

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