Day: February 25, 2008

The Worst Tackle Of The Season?

Saturday lunchtime’s match looked, on paper, like a run of the mill Arsenal vs The Rest Premier League fixture. With Birmingham sitting just above the relegation places, it looked like a comfortable three points for the league leaders, but what followed was an incident that could have long term ramifications for The Gunners and, more seriously, has thrown the entire career of one of their young players into doubt. You have, by now, almost certainly seen Martin Taylor’s tackle on Eduardo Da Silva. Upon first viewing, it looks like a typical clumsy Premier League tackle. A second or two late, catching him just above the ankle. First impressions, however, aren’t always right, and the replay highlighted Eduardo’s leg bending at a sickeningly unnatural angle. Questions over whether he’ll be able to play for his adoptive home country, Croatia, at Euro 2008 are largely irrelevant. As time has gone in, it has become more and more apparent that the real issue is whether he’ll be able to play again at all. In the meantime, the incident has been picked to death in the media with numerous accusations and counter-accusations having been made. The rush was on to make try and make sense of an incident that, to an extent, could be put down to carelessness on the part of Taylor and merely exceptionally bad luck on the part of Eduardo,...

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It’s Lucky For Spurs When The Year Ends In, Umm, Eight

So, congratulations then to Spurs, who beat Chelsea 2-1 in yesterday’s League Cup final at Wembley. I’ve noted on here before that Spurs have had more false dawns than more or less any other club, but this time there seems to be a real belief that they can go on to crack the Big Four, though it seems likely that it will be the decisions that the club makes now rather than those that they have already made that will shape whether this becomes a reality or not. This was just as significant a result for them as the 5-1 win over Arsenal in the semi-final was. This was not a Chelsea youth team that they were playing – it was the full first team (complete with both Lampard and Terry – pragmatism seems to have finally got the better of Avram Grant’s desire to keep his players fit for the remainder of the season, or whatever else had been going through his mind for the last few days or so), so there were no excuses to be had for Chelsea losing. On the day, they were outplayed by the better team. I wouldn’t be feeling too sorry for them, though. They’re likely to reach the quarter-finals of the Champions League at the very least, along with the semi-finals of the FA Cup, and in their more fanciful moments...

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