Day: February 6, 2008

England vs Switzerland

Well, Heidi hi everyone! If you think that’s a bad opening, well, things are going to get much worse for all of you before they get any better. I’ve spent much of the afternoon mentally composing tabloid headlines for tomorrow’s papers. On the positive side, there’s “Swiss Rolled” and “Berne Baby Berne”, whilst on the negative side, I managed “Gouda God” (Gouda’s a Swiss cheese, isn’t it?), “Cuckoo Crocks” and “Joe Cole Whipped By Young Boys”. Anyway, it’s Fabio Cappello’s first match in charge of England tonight, and he’s ringing the changes already. The England team lines up as follows: James, Brown, Ferdinand, Upson, A.Cole, Bentley, Jenas, Gerrard, Barry, J.Cole, Rooney. Gerrard is the captain, Jenas starts on the Voodoo Left-hand Side and David Bentley, apparently, is the new David Beckham. The Swiss line up as follows: Benaglio, Lichtsteiner, Senderos, Eggiman, Spycher, Inler, Gelson, Barnetta, Yakin, Gygax, Nkufo. I have to say, before I depart briefly, that I have been nothing but impressed by Cappello so far. There are plenty of things within the England set up that he can do nothing whatsoever about – the poor training that young players receive, the lack of investment that big clubs put into youth development and so on, but his attitude over the last couple of days – banning the majority of the circus that follows the team about, impressing upon...

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Voting On Super Tuesday

I’m not, it has to be said, particularly good at “blowing my own trumpet” (stop sniggering at the back). However, in the true spirit of 2008 being The Year In Which I Start Whoring Myself, I am honour-bound to draw your attention to the Soccerlens Blog Awards, nominations for which are now open. To my enormous surprise, I have been nominated in two categories (to my even greater surprise, neither of these categories are “Blogger Most Likely To Put Too Many Commas In One Sentence” or “Blogger Least Likely To Have Anything Valid To Back Up His Insane Conspiracy Theories”. I am, of course, delighted and honoured to have been nominated in both categories – Best Blogger and Best Blogger You’ve Never Heard Of (which could, theoretically, be described as being damned with faint praise, but actually stands up as being more or less true for the majority of people) – and obviously urge you all to vote for me in both of these categories, even if you don’t actually think that I serve any useful purpose. There’ll be live minute-by-minute action here this evening from tonight’s friendly match between England and Switzerland on here tonight, too, by the way. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have acceptance speeches to write and I have booked a fitting session for a crown later on this...

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