Day: February 1, 2008

Football Shorts

Over the course of the normal working day, many things flash through my head which I either don’t have the time to write up in full or aren’t quite fleshy enough to warrant a full article on here. Here are some of the things that have been playing on my mind over the last week or so. Wasn’t January Great? I can’t remember another month which has provided so much entertainment. We’ve seen the crisis at Anfield (which has opened up the Premier League in a way that no-one would have anticipated at the start of the season), the ongoing circus at Newcastle United, two marvellous rounds of the FA Cup, Leeds United losing Dennis Wise and slumping in the league, Franchise letting the chasing pack catch them up in League Two and the outstanding group stages of the African Cup Of Nations. If 2008 carries on at this rate, it’s going to be a great year. It won’t, though, will it? Steamy Windows The press are the only people that get massively excited about the January transfer window, aren’t they? There’s always a frantic rush of excitement on the back pages towards the end of December with feverish speculation over who is going to be going where, and it always turns out to be a bit of a let down. Jermaine Defoe to Portsmouth, Nicolas Anelka to Chelsea...

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Share & Share Alike?

Like many people, I had spent much of the last year or so wondering about the supine reaction of Liverpool supporters to the Gillett & Hicks take-over. Here were two people coming in with no apparent prior interest in Liverpool Football Club, making numerous promises and claims, but with the prevailing common knowledge becoming apparent that they didn’t have the cash up front to pay for it. Very few people that closely connected wondered aloud where the money was going to come from. The club was being purchased for £300m and the new stadium will cost something like £400m. These are substantial amounts of money. They were also making promises of spending obscene amounts of money on players. In spite of this, Stars & Stripes flags were flown on match days. The arrivistes were feted as saviours. It was almost as if no-one had been paying any attention to what had gone on forty miles up the road at Old Trafford for the last few years or so. Considering that Liverpool is the city that was the birthplace of Militant, the home of the Dockers’ strike and a city which remains one of the most politically left-wing in Britain, it was all most perplexing. Over the last few weeks or so, the wheels have come spectacularly off the wagon for the new owners. They may have secured the refinancing...

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