Day: December 18, 2007

Baker & Kelly Offline

Now seems like as appropriate moment as any to do this, so I might as well do it now. As most of you are probably aware, the Baker & Kelly podcasts of the last few weeks have come to a shuddering halt with this announcement on their website. I do have an opinion on this (perhaps unsurprisingly), and I’ll be putting up a link to that later on, although I’m not posting it on here because it’s not strictly football-related. In the meanwhile, I’ll put this up, so that you can access all the vintage Baker & Kelly that you need. These are the filenames for the folder that all of the MP3s of their shows are in (there are about five still to be uploaded – I’ll get onto that in the new year). You can’t click on these (it’s just a screen-grab), but it you type: And then type the last bit on the end of it – so that, for example, the top one reads: And, hey presto! More Baker & Kelly than you can shake a stick at. Edit: Okay, my thoughts on the subject can be seen here, should you be...

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There May Not Be Trouble Ahead

Oh, to be fly on the wall when Fabio Capello meets the England squad for the first time, if only to see the look on Michael Owen’s face. This is, at least, a man that has been there, seen it, done it and almost certainly won it and, in that respect if nothing else, it throws into sharp focus what an amazingly bad appointment Steve McClaren was. It’s worth remembering that the people that appointed him are still there, grafting away in the background. Did it really take getting knocked out of the European Championships at the qualifying stages to beat some sense into these people? First, then, the criticism. Capello may well be no fan of the ego of the modern player, so will this cause major problems in the England dressing room? There’s a good chance that it will. However, if he’s on a reported £4m a year, he can at least look the players square in the eye and say “I am at least as good at my job as you are at yours”, and if David Beckham was hounded out of Madrid by a Real president hell bent on providing a scapegoat for their lack of success over the last couple of years, Capello was the man big enough to realise the mistake and bring him back for one last Indian summer. You could also...

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