Day: November 24, 2007

Desperate Times Call For Radical Solutions

One of the things that has surprised me the most about the tone of this week’s coverage of England’s travails in the media has been the level of surprise at the state of the game. Has everyone really been blinded by the lights to such an extent that they couldn’t see what was going on? The interests of the Premier League are and those of the England football team diametrically opposed. Surely the media knew that. Why is it only now that the matter being reported in the press? Danny Baker noted on his podcast yesterday that the players are the first people to realise that we are now in the “post-international” era. The Football Associations don’t matter any more, and it’s the rest of us that have been left behind. It’s a tempting argument. They’re in charge now, and we should dance to their tune. I’m not, however, completely sold on this concept. There is, of course, the small issue of the fact that the international matches pre-date anything like organised club football. If we’re going to get into a historical debate, it’s worth remembering that England first played Scotland sixteen years before the formation of the Football League, and in the same year as the first FA Cup competition. Traditionally, the clubs do not own football. The Football Association are supposed to be the guardians of the...

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