Day: November 19, 2007

Baker & Kelly On Monday

A little light relief after all that heavy stuff down there. The third of the last nine or so Baker & Kelly shows from 2002. Show...

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My Football Club Re-Visited

It’s funny how writing this blog ebbs and flows (no pun intended). A couple of weeks ago, I was really struggling to find things to put up on here and now I haven’t got enough time to write as much as I’d like. Over the weekend I downloaded 800mb of terrible football songs from all around the world. The vast majority of them are untagged, so I’ve got no idea which clubs or players they’re even about. Will I be posting regular selections of them up here for your delectation? Well, what do think? There will also be more vintage Baker & Kelly (probably later tonight, as it goes), a live commentary, no less, on the England vs Croatia match on Wednesday night (providing I’m not called up to play myself, and I haven’t yet completely ruled that out), my thoughts on the man that must surely be football’s biggest Judas (I think you can probably guess who that is) and much, much more. However busy I am over the next few days, though, I am unlikely to be as busy as Will Brooks has been over the last few days. Will, after all, had to combine the enormous media interest in MyFootballClub with a long trip from his London home to Oxford United on Saturday to see his newly-beloved Ebbsfleet United play in the Conference and fit the...

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