Day: September 17, 2007

Scotland The Brave

Ever since their stunning win at the 1998 World Cup and subsequent permanent placement at (or near) the head of the European football table, I have found something disquieting about the pre-eminence of the French national team. I should point out at this juncture that I am a Francophile of some note. I love the country, the culture and, yes, its football. The conclusion that I have arrived at is that the biggest single reason behind the success of the French national team is that they have very little pressure put upon them – certainly much less than England places upon its team. The French may or may not be more apathetic towards their national football team than the English are towards theirs, but their apathy must surely be better for their blood pressure and may even help their team get on with the job of simply playing football, as opposed to being a twenty-four hour media circus. We found ourselves in Toulon last Wednesday night – the night of the crucial European Championship qualifier between France and Scotland. I knew already that it would be too much to ask to find somewhere showing the match between England and Russia but, whilst Toulon is predominantly a rugby town, presumably finding a bar showing the France-Scotland match shouldn’t be too much of a problem. The match was being shown live...

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That’s all, folks

That’s it from me, normal service will soon be resumed. I’m going to get back to what I normally do, and let this place get back to what it normally does – top-notch football analysis. However, until that point, I thought I’d finish with a ridiculous picture....

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