Day: September 8, 2007

England vs Israel

I would like to start by pointing out that it was my birthday yesterday and that, as a result of this, I am massively hungover, so I would like to apologise for any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or wildly libellous statements that I may make regarding Steve McClaren’s parentage or the right to exist of the state of Israel. The England team lines up as follows: Robinson, Richards, Ferdinand, Terry, Ashley Cole, Gerrard, Barry, Wright-Phillips, Heskey and Owen. Now, I hadn’t noticed Emile Heskey miraculously turning into an international standard striker – I can only presume that, in my stupor last night, I left my phone off the hook. Otherwise, I’d have been expecting to start this afternoon. I will give McClaren some credit for picking Gareth Barry (who should, of course, be known by all right-thinking people as Garybarry), for comedy reasons if nothing else. Anyway, more to follow shortly. 16.55: They’ve come out onto the pitch to that dreadful FIFA anthem. “He’s got a horrible haircut” seems to be the general consensus of this room. The woman singing the Israeli national anthem (which sounds, for the record, terrible – somewhere between a Eurovision entry and the backing music for a tourist board advert) scares me a little. It’s in her eyes. “God Save The Queen” is, of course, a dirge. But you already knew that, didn’t you?...

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Saturday Afternoon Live

You’ll be delighted to know that the Baker & Kelly podcasts are up and running – you can go here to download it, or here to subscribe to the feed of it. Their homepage is here (though it is, at the time of writing, still under construction). For those of you that are still stuck in a time-warp, though, I’ve put up a further two radio shows from the 1998 World Cup. 10th July 1998 11th July 1998 Feel free to join me on here for in depth (oh yus!) live updates of the match between England and Israel later on this afternoon. You know you want...

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