Day: February 28, 2007

Start Lobbying Now!

Two posts in one evening! Aren’t you lucky? Actually, don’t answer that. Before I say anything else, I’ll just take a second to mention the little music doohickey on the right of the page – click the “play” button and it will play a selection of funky choons! How exciting! Or don’t. It’s entirely up to you. Meanwhile, the argument over AFC Wimbledon’s missing eighteen points rumbles on. Further to perhaps surprisingly considering me to be an authority on the subject (you have to scroll down a bit, but it’s there in black & white), The Guardian this week weighed in with a supportive article on the subject this week, to which, you may notice, I’ve already added my, ahem, considered opinion. To be honest, I’ve said about as much as I can say on the subject until the appeal date comes, but if anything else crops up, you’ll be approximately the millionth to know. Elsewhere, the Morden & Mitcham MP Siobhan McDonagh has put down an Early Day Motion in their support. As you can see, a handful of MPs have already backed her, and you can hassle your MP to join them by using this particularly handy site. It’s probably for the best that you’re not too rude when you’re writing it, but it might pay to mention how close most political analysts think the next general...

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Replay If We Want To

I’d thought that I must have covered the issue of FA Cup replays before, but recent comments in the press by Premiership managers have forced my hand again. You know how it is: I just can’t resist it. The latest comments have come from Arsene Wenger and Glenn Roeder, both of whom are rather of the opinion that the only way to save football (volume seventy-three) is to scrap FA Cup replays and play extra-time and penalties at all FA Cup matches. Fans don’t want them, they say, and they add to a fixture pile-up that damages the hopes of England’s brightest and best. Roeder adds that it will increase the chances of upsets, with teams from the lower divisions having a much better chance of winning a penalty shoot-out than a replay. Well, of course, Glenn. First things first. No-one from within the game that ever comes out with these pronouncements does so through altruism. In Arsene’s case, the priorities are pretty clear. If it was down to him, he’d pull his team from the Carling Cup altogether, play the stiffs in the FA Cup, and leave his big guns for the Champions League and the Premiership. It can’t be that there are too matches for Arsene, after all – he was one of UEFA’s loudest critics when they decided to withdraw the second group phase of the...

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