Day: February 21, 2007

The Crushinators

How much has European football learnt over the last eighteen years or so? It is, I rather think, a fair question because, on the evidence presented before us last night during Manchester United’s extraordinary Champions League match against Lille, the only rational answer that I can think of is: “not very much, no”. Fences around the pitch and a riot squad spraying tear gas at crushed supporters would seem to indicate not, anyway. Okay, now we’ve got that cleared up, here’s another question for you: should Lille be strongly censured for what went on last night? Well, yes and no. Allow me to explain why I think this. It is a sad reflection on the priorities of the modern game that more space on the back pages of today’s papers seemed to be given over to Alex Ferguson’s wrath over Lille’s contemplation of walking off the pitch after Ryan Giggs’ controversial late free-kick than the fairly appalling crowd management that led to people being unconscious from behind the goal while the riot squad were spraying tear gas at those trying to get out. My personal feeling towards the “walk-out” is that this is a massive fuss about, if not quite nothing, then very little. The question of whether the goal should have stood or not is completely irrelevant. You play to the whistle, etc etc etc. What I saw...

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The Daily Match (Part 3)

Well, it’s the FA Cup this morning, and from the year that I was born, no less. Orient cause something of a surprise by coming from behind at Brisbane Road against Chelsea. Commentary from Barry...

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