Day: February 20, 2007

Grounds For Action

Well, it certainly feels like it’s about time. By 2018, it will be over half a century since England last hosted a World Cup, and it’s pleasing to see that a concerted effort is going into preparing everyone for a sustained bid to host the tournament in eleven years’ time. In the half a century or so that will have elapsed by 2018 since we last held it, the World Cup will have changed quite a bit, with twice as many teams in the finals now as there were in 1966. Half of the venues for the 1966 World Cup have been knocked down (Wembley, White City, Roker Park and Ayresome Park) have gone, and it’s likely that Goodison Park will follow them. However, The Taylor Report meant a flurry of building activity at English stadia in the early to mid 1990s, and this has proved to be ongoing. There’s a convincing argument for saying that, in this country, we now have the best range of stadia in the world. Now, you could argue that, with the Olympics being held in London in 2012, we’re being greedy, but I don’t think that we should worry about that. Germany held the Munich Olympics in 1972 and the World Cup finals in 1974, and America did the same with the World Cup finals in 1994 and the Atlanta Olympics in 1996....

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The Daily Match (Part 2)

I promised you a match every night, and I’ve managed to find twenty already that fit the bill. Tonight’s match comes from Division Two in 1976-77, in the middle of Chelsea’s “Building Site” phase. The visitors to a Sahara-esque Stamford Bridge were promotion rivals Wolverhampton Wanderers. Commentary comes courtesy of the much-missed Brian...

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