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Year: 2006

Saturday Night Fever

I thought I’d better get something on here today, as there’s a good chance that I won’t be able to get anything else on here for another three or four days or so. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t usually put anything on here on a Saturday evening, but it really has been quite a peculiar day, particularly in the Premiership. And that’s not something you’d hear me say very often. First up, Chelsea’s defensive woes are in danger of gifting the Premiership to Manchester United. Without John Terry, they’ve now conceded eight goals in four games, and taken just two points from home matches against Reading and Chelsea. There’s a John Terry shaped hole at the centre defence, but he was seen indulging in some light training on the pitch at lunchtime today, and the rumours are indicating that he could be back in just two or three weeks. They need him back as soon as possible because, at this rate, United could be out of site in a few weeks’ time. United themselves are still being carried along by Cristiano Ronaldo. He managed another two goals this afternoon as United saw off a determined Reading side by the odd goal in five. The comedy highlight of the weekend, however, came at Bramall Lane, where Sheffield United beat Arsenal 1-0 in spite of having to play thirty minutes with...

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Tuxedo Time!

Good evening, boys and girls. How are you all getting on with the quiz? I’ve got no idea how difficult it is because I know all the answers, but I hope it’s given you all something to think about. Continuing my series of ripping off whatever everybody else in the media does at this time of year, it’s time to dust down my tuxedo and revolving bow tie, and dish out The First Annual 200percent Football Awards. Like all end of year football awards, it all feels a bit incongruous to be doing this in the middle of the domestic season, but until the FA and FIFA give way to the will of the G14 (what on earth are they up to with lobbying for football to be played in the summer? Something nefarious, I’ll wager), it’ll have to be like that. I’ve spent a good half an hour thinking up the categories for this. The winners will not receive a prize, of course – indeed, it’s highly unlikely that any of them will ever know, still less care, about this – but it’s the recognition that counts. They are all sportsmen, after all. Next year, with a bit more planning, I’ll send out certificates or something. But anyway, the curtain’s raised, the crowd has fallen silent, so on with the show! The Mariah Carey Award For Most The...

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Quiz Time!

Well, you know how it is. You’re sitting around the office on the week between Christmas and the New Year with nothing to do, just wishing that someone would cobble together a ridiculously fiendish football quiz that you can just spend half an hour Googling the answers for… and here it is. Thirty questions, including ten football stadia to identify. The winner will get a magnificent prize (by which I mean I haven’t decided what it will be yet, but it will include a DVD with hours and hours and hours of random football on it), and the runners-up will get… ummm… my eternal love and gratitude, or something. Email your answers to twohundredpercent at hotmail dot com by Friday the 5th of January, and I’ll stick the results up as soon as I’ve worked out who has won. If no-one enters at all, you all have to send me something (which seems about fair). Normal rules for this sort of thing apply – my decision is final, and so on and so forth. Note: for the picture section (11-20), I want the name of the ground and the team (or teams) that play there. 1. Who has been the only person (so far) to captain the England football team and manage a team in the European Cup Final? 2. Ten First Division matches were played on Boxing Day...

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Half-Term Report

All things considered, I feel as if I have a lot to catch up on. We’re at the midway point of the annual Christmas festival of football insanity, and I’ll come back to that at some point in the new year. I also intend to dish out some end of year awards at some point between now and Sunday evening (it would appear that this is somewhat de rigeur for blogs, so I may well follow suit), and I may even try some sort of ridiculous end of year quiz (with prizes and everything!), should I get the time. This evening, though, feels like about the right time for a quick review of how the domestic leagues are getting on so far – as the title says, a half-term report. This season has, as we might have expected, been a mixture of the pretty damn good, the pretty damn bad, and the mind-numbingly predictable. The ascent of Manchester United to the top of the Premiership and the promise of a two-horse race provides at least a glimmer of interest at the top end of the table, whilst Reading’s over-achievement means that at least one of the Premiership’s longer standing occupants are staring relegation in the face. Further down the league, the pattern continues. There are teams in all five divisions that are over-achieving at the moment, but there are...

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Ryman Slang

Having had approximately four hours sleep after a bellyful of cockerel and beef yesterday evening, what better way could I have spent Boxing Day afternoon than at The Victor Gladwish Stadium, Woodside Road, Worthing, for a derby match in the Ryman League Premier Division against Horsham? First up, a bit of history. I have a minute degree of attachment to both teams. I work near Worthing, and read about their desperate attempts to avoid relegation on a weekly basis in the local paper, the Worthing Herald. However, my parents and my sister live in Horsham. You can understand my dilemma. One important thing to point out is that Worthing FC want me dead. For one thing, their floodlights all have tetra masts attached to the top them, a move which seems singularly designed to turn the brains of all of their season ticket holders into scrambled eggs. Secondly, they sold me a cheeseburger which transcended awfulness and took me to a new level of culinary despair. I daresay that I’ll find out over the next few days whether I’ve contracted SARS or beri-beri or whatever. The match was between third from bottom in the league and third from the top though, as ever seems to be the case nowadays, the long term prognosis for the two terms concerned is more mixed. Worthing are unexpectedly struggling, and are captained by...

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